It's the Lunar New Year, should we give a second chance to our New Year's resolutions?

We all know how hard is to survive January with a tiny bit of energy left, so what is the fuss about New Year’s resolutions? Sadly, we tend to leave them only few weeks after and this only contributes to a bigger disappointment and frustration. Nope, January is no bueno for many of us. Now that is finally February and the Lunar New Year has arrived, should we give our list another chance to mend what we didn’t achieve in January?

Disney Power

It all began wit ¡h a mouse… and this post too. How has Disney changed throughout the years and why Snow White, Cinderella or Aurora had such limited expectations? There is an answer for that…


It’s been five years already that I live in London. I reflect on how much impact London culture has made on me and all the good things the city can bring.

Where dreams come true

My story with Disneyland is much deeper than watching endlessly Disney movies and freaking out when I finally visited the park. After experiencing the Disneyland from two points of view, as a customer and an employee, this time I’m back with a third approach: branding.

Culinary Italy

I love Italy, to me, everything in Italy is a wonder. However, I am driven by the culinary rather than the architectural wonder. From my beginnings with the Italian culture in my first trip, to my last time in Milan and Florence with B, in this post I reflect on all the incredible places I discovered along the way.