Hello, my name is Marta Gepe.

Born and raised in Spain, currently living and working in London. As a language-lover, she went onto studying a degree in Translation & Interpreting. Then, she realised that what she truly loved was the culture behind those languages. This made her spend one year in Austria, to then follow her heart and move to multicultural London.

London became a turning point in her life. Here, she re-discovered her passion for writing and drawing, as well as her need to truly understand how culture works on a deeper level, which led her onto getting a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication for Business.

After all that journey, she realised that in this new era we are all living, everything is becoming global and we are more connected than ever. And that is fascinating. However, very often we tend to overlook each other’s differences, which leads to (too) many misunderstandings. Even though she was on the right track to become a ‘global’ person, something was still missing.

Marta needed to be vocal about all the ideas she had in mind through her creativity.

And this is how My Illustrated Thoughts was born. From the need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make something beautiful with them.

The core of this blog is spreading the message that discovering cultures is not only travelling to other countries, but also understanding what shapes the way we see the world differently to others and makes each one of us unique. This can be applied to the way we conceive fashion, lifestyle, feminism, food, relationships… everything!

Because there is no right or wrong way of doing things, just different.

I hope My Illustrated Thoughts inspires you to explore new perspectives and help you to connect better with others. Feel free to leave a comment or connect through social media!